The Longhunter Axe


Taking influences from both Scandinavia and the axes carried by the pioneers of the West, the Original Longhunter was designed and developed by four friends. From four different backgrounds across the globe, it was built with the aim to be the ultimate bushcraft companion. 

The design sold out in Scandinavia earning its stripes in the hands o the forest walkers of Europe. 

Today, some of the original team, Steve Armstrong and Joe Price, have teamed up with Benton Frisse of River City Forge & Tool to throw the rule book out and design, refine, and combine Scandinavian knowledge and American Craftsmanship. 

So the Longhunter returns to be built right here in the USA! 

The Longhunter features a light head on a long, straight handle for ease of packability while still packing a punch in the woods. 

Product Specifications:

Overall Length: 22 inches

Overall Weight: 2 lbs

Hardness: 57HRC

Head Length: 5.5 inches

Bit width: 2.75 inches

Handle Material: American Hickory

Head Material: Forged Alloy Steel

Sheathe Material: American Buffalo Leather